Still, I fly! A 4th of july poem

Here I stand to mark this day, to honor those who paved the way.

I’ve been soiled, burnt and bruised, but I still fly for all of you.

See, I’m not part of any politics, and I don’t represent the government.

I fly for the soldiers brave and true, who defend the rights of all of you.

I fly for the freedoms of every man, and for those needing hope in foreign lands.

I’ve been cursed and trashed, spit on too. But I’ll never give up on any of you.

Each star I have is someones home, Each bar a place to remember those gone.

So no matter what you do to me, I’ll keep making sure you are free.

So the next time you look up at me, Look real hard and you just might see.

I don’t represent anyone’s goals, I’m simply the symbol of a nation’s soul.


God Bless the U.S.A her troops, her people, and her flag.


Just a dream

I’ve heard them say its just a dream, but it sure does feel real to me.

They’ve said no way it’ll never be, I say just wait watch and see.

It may not be the best around, It may get slammed and even put down.

But the funny thing about a dream, they can sometimes help you feel redeemed.

So, I’ll continue to write and share myself, With those who’ll put it on their shelf.

Not for fortune or for fame, but simply because it keeps me sane.

See I may write a fictional tale, but hidden inside is my personal hell.

From pain, I can’t seem to shake, to the fears that arise when I’m not awake.

So maybe it is just a dream, but it sure does feel real to me.


Standing in the rain.

Standing in the pouring rain, I grab my head and scream your name.

My tears are hidden by the falling sky, at least those watching can’t see me cry.

Arms outstretched to catch it all,  I wish I’d never taken the fall.

The one that made you important to me. The one that made me blind to see.

The pain that was coming or the hurt you would cause, but isn’t that what happens when we have a bad fall?

I stand and pray somehow someway, the flowing waters wash you away.

So here I stand in the pouring rain, a last resort to ease the pain.

As it falls I turn my face to the sky, They may hear me scream but they won’t see me cry….


My books editing and learning the ropes.


The highly re-worked and much cleaner reading Ebook version of Half-Breed The Last Dhampyr, is now live.

Feel free to remove and re-download for the new version if your device does not auto update it. I am so sorry for this inconvenience. I will strive to make sure this it not something that happens in the future.

The paperback version should also be live soon if you would like to get a physical copy.

I will update this post as soon as it goes live.

Thank you again, Sincerely, James Wraieth

First, let me say thank you to everyone who is reading or has read my books. The issue with their editing has been brought to my attention. And while it is no excuse at all, I am still learning the indie publishing world.

Thankfully another wonderful author was gracious enough to share information on a new editing program that is leaps and bounds better than what I was using. Resulting in much cleaner more refined finished manuscripts.

I have been feverishly re-editing my book Half- Breed The Last Dhampyr since then. And I am happy to say, the new manuscripts have been uploaded and should go live in the next day or so. I will now go back and re-edit my other books that have been out longer.  I’m a fairly simple guy, that believes in owning his mistakes even if I truly did not realize I was making it. I will continue to do everything I can to improve my skills, in not only storytelling but all aspects of the publishing process. I will strive to do better in the future.

I truly hope you enjoyed my books, and it is my sincere wish that this will not prevent anyone from reading my future works. Though I could understand if it did.  I truly do want to write the kind of books that you wonderful readers deserve. That includes making sure personally that from now on, the editing and presentation of those books, will be of the high quality you deserve. While I cannot say I will make no more mistakes, I can say I will do everything in my power to make as few as possible.

Also, I am considering ways to make this right for all of you who have read them already, even with the poor editing. As I also believe if a person makes a mistake, it’s on them to make it right.

Thank you Sincerely, James Wraieth


Just want to say Thank You

So, My debut into the realm of epic fantasy has came. And I just want to say Thank you (even though that falls painfully short of how much it really means to me.) To everyone who has shared liked and bought copies of my book.

This has been the best launch I’ve had so far. Which means the world to me. Words can not express how Thrilled I am with the reception my book has gotten. It would not even be possible without the inspiration, and support from all of you.

This blog post, and indeed my book itself is dedicated to all of you guys. Just within the past four days, My book has made it inside the top one thousand. In the U.S it is steadily climbing at number 580 this morning, and 188 in Canada.

For someone like me that is an Amazing thing to see, thanks to all of you my dreams are becoming reality. As I sit here this morning drinking my coffee, and not ashamed to say nearly in tears. The five years I spent starting, stopping, hoping, and questioning that has went into this book.

Finally feels like it was worth it. So please believe me when I say, I love you all. And thank you from the bottom of my heart, for renewing this old cowboy with the hope that has been waning for a long time.

Much Love, and Many Thanks….James Wraieth.

After 5 Long Years it hit amazon Today

I’m so thrilled to announce that my debut epic Fantasy, is now available on in ebook PaperBack and on KindleUnlimited.

This is the biggest, most ambitious book, I’ve ever written. And man did it turn out great. Five years I worked on this story, trying to make it the best I possibly could. Don’t just take my word for it though, here’s what some of my beta readers had to say.

Reader 1 Mac D

Dracula Untold meets Lord of the Rings, In a unique blend of high fantasy and old world legend that just works.

Reader 2 Stacy P

A slice of the Fantasy pie I’ve not seen before, great read even before the edits.

Reader 3 Sam H

A great telling of how sometimes even darkness can be a force of good.

Thank you to all my beta readers your input was paramount to my books completion.

And here it is folks. My Debut into the epic fantasy realm.


Writing and Dreams

When I write it’s not for fame, or towering riches to be put in my name.

It’s because that’s what it’s like for me, It’s the things inside my head I see.

From poetry that makes my tear drops fall, to knights and kings in some grand hall.

Monsters and demons or just plain folks, all swim beside my silly jokes.

They dance and whirl inside my mind, until I somehow find the time.

To jot them down on note or page, or scream them out in fits of rage.

Writing for me is my release, it helps me tame my inner beasts.

I know I may never see my self, sitting upon some library shelf.

But that’s alright it’s really ok, I’ll keep on writing anyway.

Not for fortune or esteem, but simply because it is my dream.

So write I will until such day, my dreams come true or fade away.



Folks sometimes all we have are dreams, they can carry us through the roughest times.

Or give us hope when its hard to find. So never give up on them even when they seem out of reach.

Because really it’s not the arrival at them that matters, its what we can learn on the way there.

Thanks for reading…..James Wraieth


My Little Girls

When my twins were born they filled my life, with so many reasons to be alive.

From pig tails and cute little sun dresses, to water paints and crayon messes.

Their little arms held up high, saying I love you daddy could make me cry.


Every time they stumbled and fell, it was me that was always scared as hell.

I’d come in from work and they would say, come on daddy lets go and play.

It didn’t matter how bad my day, those little tea parties would push it away.


Then they went to school one day, and it felt like my world had been displaced.

I watched them enter that great big school, and sat in the car and cried like a fool.

Then came theirs schools first big dance, and again I cried when he took their hand.


For at that moment I began to know, sooner or later I’d have to let go.

Their gonna grow up its a fact of life, at least that’s what I was told by my wife.

And as a father I have to say, I sure did wish it wasn’t that way.


But happen it did and now their grown, and don’t tell her I said it but my wife was wrong.

For  those beautiful women that you see, still feel like the little girls of my memories.

And even now after all this time, hearing I love you daddy still makes me cry.


I wrote this for my twins because today is their birthday, and I’ve come to realize whether they are nine months or ninety years old. To me they will always be my little girls.

I love you girls with all my heart and soul. I could not be more proud of the strong beautiful women you have become…..Love always Daddy…








The Cowboys Tale..A poem of the old west.

The golden sun sets on the trail, as a lone cowboy rides for hell.

He knows he cant beat them all, but still he must answer the call.

For what is life when love is gone, when you lose it all and have no home.

Sure he could leave on the next train, But he knows that it will never ease his pain.

So he loads his six gun and hangs it low, So all that see him will instantly know.

The gunslinger comes and a reckoning is close, as the lumps come up in their throats.

The buzzards rest up on the hill, waiting and watching for the coming kills.

The wind is blowing a very fowl breeze, as he walks down the center of a dusty street.

They bar their doors and peak from blinds, hoping to avoid his watchful eyes.

The look he has says it all, and someone soon will take the fall.

He meets the outlaws out in the street, and soon the maker someone will meet.

Three on the draw no time to think, he draws his own in less than a blink.

The shots are fired and two outlaws are dead, only one is left and he’s filled with dread.

He takes his aim and the bullets fly, and another outlaw loses his life.

He holsters his gun and staggers off, just as he begins to bleed and cough.

Seems that he wasn’t the only one, to hit their mark with a gun.

One of the outlaws has done him in, he knew this was how it had to end.

But what could he do they’d taken it all, he sees her face as he falls.

Her lovely smile and golden wings, he hoped this wasn’t just a dream.

He’d avenged her death for right or wrong, and now shes here to carry him home.

The townsfolk all gather to lay him to rest, and talk about how he was the best.

The fastest draw they’d ever seen, they said as they hear the church bells ring.

On his stone they placed his gun, it hangs there still according to some.

But when the wind is blowing fowl, or the night is pierced by a lone wolfs howl.

They say if you look and listen close, you can catch a glimpse of a western ghost.

A lone cowboy will walk the streets, and god have mercy on any outlaw he meets.



Just something I came up with as I was oiling the leather on my own slingers belt.




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